Robert Louis Stevenson – Treasure Island

Audiobook: Robert L. Stevenson – Treasure Island


Audiobook: Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson


Duration: 7h. 30 min.
Narrated by: Adrian Praetzellis.
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A mysterious map, pirates, and pieces of eight! When young Jim Hawkins finds a map to pirates’ gold he starts on an adventure that takes him from his English village to a desert island with the murderous Black Dog, half-mad Ben Gunn, and of course Long John Silver.

Treasure Island is an adventure novel by Robert Louis Stevenson. First published as a book in 1883, it was originally serialized in the children’s magazine Young Folks between 1881-82 under the title The Sea Cook, or Treasure Island.

Traditionally considered a coming-of-age story, it is an adventure tale known for its atmosphere, character and action.

Main characters:
- Jim Hawkins: the young boy who finds the treasure map;
- Billy Bones: ex-mate of Captain Flint’s ship and possessor of the map of Treasure Island.
- Squire John Trelawney: a skilled marksman, he is naïve and hires the crew almost entirely on Long John Silver’s advice.
- Dr. Livesey: a doctor, magistrate, former soldier and friend of Trelawney.
- Captain Alexander Smollett: captain of the Hispaniola.
- Long John Silver: formerly Flint’s quartermaster, later leader of the Hispaniola’s mutineers.
- Israel Hands: ship’s coxswain and Flint’s ex-gunner.
- Ben Gunn: a half-insane and marooned ex-pirate.
- Pew: a blind ex-pirate (used to be part of Flint’s crew).
- Captain Flint: a feared pirate captain who dies in Savannah from rum.

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